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They are crystallized beauty, and their fates are connected with kingly lines, with the fate of the whole Arda. In January, our theme is Jewels. Thanks to Tauriel for the suggestion!

From Ancient times wise men and healers have believed that jewels and gemstones have mystical powers and conduct the energies of the ruling planets with which each gemstone is associated. Many cultures from all over the world believe that the energies of each gem has the power to influence a specific part of our physical or emotional well being and focus the energies of the planet and sign through the jewels and gemstones.

In Arda, the role of jewels is even greater. They shape history... What else is the entire Silmarillion, than a tale shaped around the fate of the three Silmarils, the most precious jewels that Arda has ever seen? Even in the Hobbit, the Arkenstone is an important element of the plot. Let's face that: the history of Middle-earth is shaped by jewellery. And while there is no stone on the One Ring, each of the Three has its own stone. Several gems are also associated with Aragorn: Ellesar, the green stone that already Earendil wore, and the white Elendilmir, symbol of the Kings of Arnor, the Evenstar from Arwen...

So many to choose from! Is the jewel concious of it's suroundings, can it understand the feelings of its wearer? And what feelings does it awake in those who see it? Maybe it's desire, maybe hope. You don't have to use a literal jewel in your story/picture. Frodo is described as a jewel among Hobbits, and Aragorn is called Elf-stone, does that qualify him as a jewel as well? That's for you to decide!

And the winners are:

Blood in the Snow by TimeDetonated
Jaded Amber by The Arbitrary Herbalist
Living Light by Earille
More Precious than Jewels by Rebecca Wilkin 3rd place
Priced beyond Rubies by Archeress of Silverbow
Star of the North by Linda Hoyland 2nd place
The Bare Ring by Dew
The Jewel of the Heart by LegolasLover2003
The Lost Jewel by Tauriel
Treasures in Old Socks by MP Brennan 1st place

Happy reading!

Your Teitho-moderators,
nautika, StarLight, and Mirach

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Submitted on
December 26, 2012